#1 Wrong placement speeds with 2 heads by Louis 06.03.2020 10:26

I use two heads, 2 different nozzles.

I have a slow part picked slow by head 2, then the machine moves to pick up a part for head 1, and uses that faster speed for movement.

For example, it picked up a large TQFP44 with head2, with slow speed as expected, and then moved to a 0603 with head1 in high speed, and also used high speed for movement to the camera, leading to a shift of the large part on the nozzle, and a failed detection.
In addition, it places both parts with the high speed, also leading to errors.

Ideal, it should pick up the fast part first, with high speed, and then pick up the slow part with the slower speed, and move to the cams and to placement also witth that slower speed to prevent errors. Maybe it is possible to change that in the software.

#2 RE: Wrong placement speeds with 2 heads by mbruch 06.03.2020 18:16


We check tomorrow and try to fix soon!

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