#1 visual alignment gets unstable by hjalamr 26.08.2021 09:36

Very often, especially on triodes and footedge 2, the rotation alignment gets unstable. You can see it first is a bit off then homes in, then it's still for a few photos, then suddenly starts to go off, like the PID or whatever used gets completely unstable. and it throws away the part. I think it's if it finds it dead on the angle value, as if I increase the tolerance values to allow misaligned parts, it reduces this problem.
It is very annoying though as you see it has a perfect vision and perfect alignment, stays still between the shots and then suddenly rotates more and more up to 90 degrees and then gets thrown away in the spit cup. This is not new, it started about 3-4 updates ago. VERY annoying!

#2 RE: visual alignment gets unstable by SergOv 27.08.2021 13:55

The last version that did not have this - V2 .057

#3 RE: visual alignment gets unstable by mbruch 28.08.2021 09:16


Maybe you should check the manual for precision settings?
use 4 / 10 for SOT23 chapter 8.4.

Don't use useless settings for small parts where camera resolution is low!!!

New versions - new bugs ? (2)

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